Sunday, October 12, 2008

Follow the Money Trail; Both Candidates End Up Being Clones

Via Allvoices, with the data from Open Secrets, we now have a clear reason for Obama and McCain both voting for the bailout.  Both campaigns have gotten donations from top banks and investment firms like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, and UBS, just to name a few.  McCain has more firms and banks (12) donating to him as compared to Obama (6), but Obama's raised around $3.2 million compared  to McCain's $3 million.  A small price to pay for a $700 billion bailout. 

Alas, what great change we have the chance to obtain this election: a man who blames the economic problems on "Wall Street greed," and another who thinks Wall Street got drunk and wants to "reform" the system.  No question about government involvement causing the crisis?  No mention of how the government caused the housing crisis?  Not even a hint of a candidate questioning the legitimacy of the Federal  Reserve to print money and destroy the value of our currency?  What a great, diverse two-party system we have!  What a shame we didn't have a certain Texas Congressman warning us six years ago...

It'll be a rude awakening for everyone when Obama's cult of personality is realized and his ineptitude shines bright, or (less likely) when McCain's nationalistic rhetoric comes to fruition.


Anonymous said...

Whining about the big bad all encompasing "them" in D.C. is all well and good, but it can be hard to listen to when no solutions are offered. Perhaps you'd like to enlighten all of us lobotomized drones as to what the Libertarian panacea is?

Mynoduesp said...

You, sir, are a minarchist. Not a libertarian. Even Ron Paul supports taxation. But you may be a paleolibertarian (which is what Ron Paul is) if I just read too much into your flash movie. Either way, please do us cosmolibertarians (and the neolibertarians out there) a favor and distinguish yourself as such. And I, like the first poster, wonder what your proposed solutions are as well. It should be noted by all, even us libertarians, that all three of the worst economic periods over the past century occurred following periods of deregulation. If nothing else, this means that deregulation is not always the answer. And, as a side note, by lamenting about the past you are doing exactly what is wrong with both of our candidates on many issues; you're wallowing in this "My judgement was right" only-if scenarios.